Your Support Dollars at Work

Are You Receiving the Best Value for Your Support Dollars?

Support for your software does not have to be so complicated. We all understand technology needs support from the experts from time to time but nobody wants to be transferred around the globe from person to person when having a critical business issue. Support teams are often over looked when purchasing software and is not something typically considered until you have a problem. And if it’s a problem critical to the flow of your organization, these key behind-the-scenes players can impact how quickly you are up and running again. Part of the purchase process should include asking yourself a few very important questions- What is the risk to my organization when working with a company that utilizes a multi-level support process? Will my first point of contact be with someone who can help me and how long will I have to wait until higher level support steps in? The high costs, long waits, multiple points of contact and customer frustration of a multi-tier support option are just not cutting it for the enterprise customer.


Don’t you deserve better?

Nobody wants to be transferred around the globe from person to person when having a critical business issue. Your business is already complicated, so at OneStream we’ve decided to make your software support simple.  With 24/7 single-tier support, OneStream is proud to give our customers quick and professional support from our application experts. When you log a support ticket with OneStream your request is given an immediate response by an agent dedicated to your success and capable of resolving your ticket. With a direct line to development, legitimate software issues can be address quickly and reliably allowing you to get back to business!

Our Unified Platform Advantage

With OneStream you are maintaining one application architected for customer simplicity from day one. No need to support multiple products that require different skilled individuals. You should expect someone from the software provider to know the application inside and out and that’s what you get with OneStream.

Get Back to Business

Your job is to close the books, do the plan, report the numbers and analyze the data.  Let us worry about closing the tickets. With OneStream you aren’t going to need to contact us multiple times for the same support issue. Rest assured we’re working around the clock to get your issue resolved. Our simple ticketing process and single point of contact gives you consistent and reliable support. We won’t close your ticket until you are satisfied that your issue has been resolved. 

MattBaranowski.jpgMatt Baranowski is the VP of Infrastructure and Cloud Services at OneStream Software and has numerous years supporting complex enterprise organizations from around the globe. Matt leads the OneStream 360 team with integrity and a true commitment that great customer support equals customer success. Connect with Matt on LinkedIn.