You better back up, because I feel good!

As I walk around our state-of-the-art new facility in downtown Rochester Michigan I can only think of the Bad News Bears movie, not the remake, but the original with Walter Matthau. One of my favorite scenes is when one of the Bears is up to bat as a major underdog and he says, “You better back up suckers, because I feel good.” This is exactly how I felt after touring our new digs, a state-of-the-art new headquarters that we moved into.

With a Tier III data center, offering world class redundancy for continuous uptime and backups, our Onestream customer support team will always be ready when you need them. The facility also houses a gorgeous training facility for both on-site and virtual classes held by industry-leading instructors and 22,000 square feet of space for room to thrive and room to grow.

The indoor campus also houses sports courts, a full exercise gym, a French style café where you can grab a café au lait and meet with fellow business associates, and what we call the Onestream hotel offering private work spaces for employees and customers when required.

I couldn't imagine being more fired up than I was after our unbelievable user conference, Splash 2015, where our customers raved about their solutions, support and the commitment they were seeing from our team to listen and deliver, but this facility is a clear indicator that we are a force to be reckoned with. I couldn’t be more proud to represent an organization like Onestream Software that continues to strive to be great, deliver success to every customer and provide the safeguards to eliminate risk for our customers. Oh yeah, we know how to mix fanatical commitment to customers with a fun and vibrant atmosphere. Everyone needs to back up, because we are feeling good at Onestream!

Craig Colby

Craig was a founder of UpStream Software in January of 2000 and an original founder of OneStream Software. Craig has a Finance education and background, however, his passion is communicating value to customers. The key to delivering 100% customer success starts with effectively setting expectations with regards to the product, solutions, support and services. He has a passion for working with financial applications that combine ease of ownership, maintenance and use with the power to solve any complexity. Craig is committed to an organizational culture that makes it easy for customers and partners to do business with OneStream. He knows if you do business with OneStream, you will receive the attention and support you need to deliver success.