Why is it so Hard to Believe?

It seems like every day we talk to a new potential OneStream customer and we continuously experience the same questions; “We just don’t know if OneStream can do what FDM or HFM does for us.” or “We don’t think you can do what you say you can do, you are too small and too new and there is no way there can be that much in a single product.”

We explain that Tom Shea, who invented FDM (formerly UpStream WebLink), along with Bob Powers, who invented HFM, are the two inventors of OneStream XF.

This information seems to go right over most people’s heads or it is dismissed as an exaggeration or outright mistruth. Because how could these two guys single-handedly create two of the best-selling products in Hyperion’s history? Surely it was created by a massive team of developers from a large company like Hyperion or Oracle? How could one person have created FDM or HFM?

Well it IS true.

These are the two guys that spent countless hours staring at millions of lines of code. These are the two guys that suffered through decades of continually evolving customer and technical challenges. These are the two guys that looked in the eyes of the CFOs at the biggest companies in the world and promised (and delivered) that it would do and perform what they said it would do. These are the two guys that each have several decades of enterprise-level application development domain expertise. There is no way you could make a product like OneStream XF without having suffered through all those challenges for so many years. Developing solutions, tearing them down and developing better is not something you can just sit down and do overnight.

So why is our data source connector technology and (entire product) better than any other market offering? It is because our product was developed with decades of experience and trial and error that you cannot fake and you cannot shortcut.

For example, once we establish a connection to a data source, we can import data, drill back to data within the source system or even use data within the drill back to drill around within the data source. Using the power of OneStream’s connector technology, we can also drill to an entirely different data source and as long as you can provide the criteria for each data pull query, drill back or drill around, the possibilities are limitless.

The power of OneStream’s platform-focused design based on decades of application development experience, rather than a point solution, coupled with the state-of-the-art power of the Microsoft .NET Framework is the reason that OneStream’s power is unmatched.

One by one, we are proving to customer after customer that it is all true and now they believe.