Where do I begin?

If you are considering a OneStream Software implementation you are likely thinking of having multiple cubes and functions running in the platform. You may want Cash Flow Forecasting, with Actuals, and maybe a Rolling Forecast, and a Budget with drivers…

While one could take on multiple tracks, often for either resource, cost or timing issues you need to focus on one effort first. Most times the need for a CPM system is driven by a group of general needs, but one is such a burden it needs to be addressed first. Interestingly as we get closer to the end of the year we see a need for more clients to focus on Budget, as Budgeting season fast approaches.

Our team would start with a common design. And the purpose of this meeting is to help discuss the options and risks and how we can mitigate them. We discuss all dimensions, and cubes. We would look at all data sources and prioritize the reporting across all the tracks. This will help the team identify shared dimensions and rules. Discussing the details sometimes exposes mapping issues, or complexity in the cash flow. Often we can find solutions within the XF MarketPlace that provide immediate value to the project and help speed the implementation.

The decision of when to implement each has a “give” and a “get”

Option 1 – Consolidation first (the most popular option)

  • Pros
    • Complexity of Actual data exposes issues you might not find with Budget
    • Adding a scenario allows for a spot to collect Budget and Forecast data quickly
    • Quickly can provide variance reporting (Actual vs Budget)
    • By starting with Actuals, we typically have an understanding of your lowest common denominator for dimensions and structures
  • Cons
    • Caution must be used to ensure dimensions are properly planned for Budget and Forecast

Option 2 - Budget first

  • Pros
    • Improved reporting right out of the box
    • Offers the most impact for process improvements
  • Cons
    • Actuals are needed for Forecasting
    • Integrations for actuals could be throw away work

Option 3 - Start with Management Reporting

  • Pros
    • Address Senior Management needs – quick wins
    • XF MarketPlace application could speed delivery
  • Cons
    • Seeing the future state may be more difficult starting here

Each business also brings its own needs that drive what decision might be best. I recommend having a scoping call with a senior member of the OneStream team to help you decide what is the best approach.

Peter Fugere

Peter Fugere is the Chief Solutions Architect Officer at OneStream Software where he develops and leads programs to help the team achieve highest possible customer satisfaction including; application design reviews, growing the services group, quality assurance check points, supporting partners and documenting best practices. He spends a majority of time working on strategic clients and developing solutions maximizing the value of our largest client’s investments in OneStream. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and a Master in Business Administration from Northeastern University, Boston Massachusetts.