Unified Financial Intelligence

What is the big idea behind unification? Why is everyone talking about it and who is truly unified? Well, we at OneStream Software think we are the only ones who have truly unified Corporate Performance Management. Financial Data Quality, Financial Consolidations & Reporting, Budgeting & Planning, and Analytics are supported by our unique and powerful Extensible DimensionalityTM. To put it simply, any company can have a standard corporate chart of accounts and dimensions while each business or reporting unit within this company can extend these standard accounts and dimensions to meet their specific needs for statutory reporting, management reporting, budgeting, forecasting, planning or analysis. We have engineered a way to manage this data and metadata in a single unified solution while offering a simplified user experience.

Basically, we have eliminated all of the moving parts in a close and budget cycle. No moving, copying, validating or reconciling data between products and applications. Eliminate multiple metadata maintenance point. Finally, forget about cross product integration. In other words, this is the first solutions that lets you view, manage, maintain, and variance budget vs. actual in the One product and One application.

Have I mentioned data quality? We perform data quality validations and verifications on all source data pre and post consolidations without the need to move it around between products and applications. This is where everyone else loses the ability to say that their results are really “One Truth.” Because everything is in One product and One application, OneStream XF is and always will be “One Truth.”

There are a lot of vendors that talk unification, but they all have two weaknesses. First, they can’t have different metadata between actuals and budgeting/planning. Second, they have no ability to handle complex or large consolidations with the speed and efficiency of our 64 bit in memory processing combined with our powerful calculation engine. Unification combined with the most powerful and functional consolidations engine ever built makes OneStream XF the next generation in CPM systems. This is the big idea behind unification. This is Unified Financial Intelligence!

Craig Colby

Craig was a founder of UpStream Software in January of 2000 and an original founder of OneStream Software. Craig has a Finance education and background, however, his passion is communicating value to customers. The key to delivering 100% customer success starts with effectively setting expectations with regards to the product, solutions, support and services. He has a passion for working with financial applications that combine ease of ownership, maintenance and use with the power to solve any complexity. Craig is committed to an organizational culture that makes it easy for customers and partners to do business with OneStream. He knows if you do business with OneStream, you will receive the attention and support you need to deliver success.