If your phone upgrades within an hour, why can't your CPM solution?

Imagine you have a brand new iPhone 6S that can support a Fingerprint reader, Apple pay and the improved Siri as it runs on the latest processor technology. Unfortunately, you just can't use all of these new features because some of your apps are not ready for the new iOS and upgrading all those apps would take you weeks when you can't use the phone. So you continue to run iOS version 6. Do you even remember what that version looked like? (And you know that the current version is 9.2)

ios 6-7


To me it is absolutely bizarre that an upgrade of a CPM system requires a team of technical and functional consultants, along with a full-size project plan, that stretches from weeks to months. It's just not acceptable in today's world of business.

Perhaps you don't consider this a big issue. You probably don’t upgrade often and therefore it might not seem like the biggest thing. But the world goes on with new versions of Office, new browsers and the dreaded Microsoft patches that can cripple your system and whatever else your business users have dragged in lately.

Your CPM system is at the core of the organization and sooner or later you will be asked to upgrade to a version that not only talks to their tools but also brings new value to the business. In the past the answer was: ‘For the first application we hope to have a 3-week window around May or November. But with 6 applications we need 4-6 months!'. In my years of managing one of the world's more complex CPM solutions, that was the message I hated most to bring. But seeing a full OneStream upgrade happen within 2, 3 or even 4 hours on an early Sunday morning is just so nice.

The XF MarketPlace concept is brilliant and a large driver for these easy upgrades: All the special purpose ad-ons are available in apps. So the specific needs from the user community are available in apps to download and easily install on your OneStream platform. They are not cluttering the core software, yes, just like your smartphone.