Making the Right Connection

Over the past decade, I have been involved in over a hundred data integration projects requiring the extraction of data from dozens of sources. As you can imagine, one of the more commonly used source systems is SAP. In the past, connecting directly to SAP presented both political and technical hurdles as the system was generally highly secured by IT and required a proprietary skill set even if the proper access permissions were granted.

Over time SAPhas become even more pervasive and the required ease and speed of integration have become more demanding. Various ETL tools introduced connectors that looked slick in a demo only to be found cumbersome and expensive when it was time to implement. Other solutions offered integration that was limited to specific tables and didn’t satisfy all of the customer’s data requirements.

Software development has a life cycle. In the early stages, there is a conceptually valuable idea that is put to test and perfected over time to become a solid and implementable solution. When this solution has fully matured users experience peak value and flexibility.

OneStream Software’s SAP Connector has reached this phase of the lifecycle.

The OneStream XF SAP Connector allows access to any object or table in SAP, provided the proper security credentials. With this connector, our customers can pull data from any SAP table directly, read BW objects, invoke BAPI’s and function modules, and execute ABAP.

The SAP integration can be used within XF Reports and Dashboards as well. You can report SAP data within OneStream XF seamlessly and easily by creating a data adapter to the data that you wish then create and format the report.

OneStream offers setup wizards that walk users through processes like creating a new connector, establishing the connection string, set up workflows for various locations and establishing filtering criteria and drill-through parameters. The ease of implementation and administration result in a solution that is easily maintained without sacrificing flexibility.

The SAP Connector is the first of many XF MarketPlace solutions dedicated to providing ease-of-use and flexibility to the already powerful integration capabilities of OneStream XF.