First Annual OneStream “Splash” User Conference in New Orleans – OneStream Customers and Partners Gather to Share Successes

OneStream Software held its first annual user conference September 22nd - 25th 2013. With 60 attendees, the conference was a tremendous success with Tom Shea outlining the vision of OneStream XF as a Platform for Finance and IT to deliver multiple extended solutions on OneStream’s unified platform. Tom drew a comparison to his iPhone where you can make your iPhone a flashlight or a stock tracker without needing to upgrade the iOS. The OneStream Solutions Center will allow OneStream deliver solutions that can be imported by customers as needed. Like the app store, customers can choose the solutions fit their needs the best.

The conference was highlighted by four customer presentations outlining the value the received from core solutions like Consolidation & Reporting, Budgeting & Forecasting and Analytics as well as sharing how they are extending OneStream XF to deliver additional solutions for Workforce Planning, Debt Schedule Collections, Variance Analysis and more all in the same OneStream XF application. The OneStream XF Platform dramatically lowers the cost to deliver additional collections and analysis for the Office of Finance. In addition to customer and partner presentations, the OneStream Consultants and Partners delivered sessions on Rules, Dashboards, Reporting, Excel and more.

Craig Colby

Craig was a founder of UpStream Software in January of 2000 and an original founder of OneStream Software. Craig has a Finance education and background, however, his passion is communicating value to customers. The key to delivering 100% customer success starts with effectively setting expectations with regards to the product, solutions, support and services. He has a passion for working with financial applications that combine ease of ownership, maintenance and use with the power to solve any complexity. Craig is committed to an organizational culture that makes it easy for customers and partners to do business with OneStream. He knows if you do business with OneStream, you will receive the attention and support you need to deliver success.