Customer Success Starts with OneStream’s Onboarding Process.

Envision this: After investing countless hours in an exhaustive RFP process to select a CPM (Corporate Performance Management) software, you’re PUMPED UP about the contract you’ve just signed with OneStream! Forty-eight hours later, an introductory conversation is scheduled (yes—a conversation; not an email, Tweet, Snap Chat, Text or IM—an actual discussion with a live human being!) Shortly thereafter, you receive the call from a OneStream team member who welcomes you to the family and walks you through their unique OneStream Onboarding (O2) process. Hallelujah! A technical provider who not only is on the cutting-edge of CPM software, but also one who totally gets the importance of the people-side of the equation!

At OneStream, we take our customers very seriously. We understand that a critical aspect to achieving client satisfaction is collaborating with the customer immediately after the sale to review what to expect from OneStream, get customers connected into our systems and establish the framework that will enable smooth transitions across all phases of the project and beyond.

I want to emphasize that onboarding isn’t a one-time conversation. The OneStream Onboarding (O2) process is a long term, interactive relationship designed to:

  • Welcome new clients to the OneStream customer family
  • Provide a consistent, effective framework for initiating new client engagements
  • Accelerate learning of OneStream’s products
  • Establish, build and leverage relationships between the client, OneStream teams and user groups
  • Create meaningful communication plans

The OneStream mission is concise, yet deceptively complex: Every customer is a reference and success. To have this happen, it means our customers will not only need to be satisfied with the agility of our software, but will also need to be impressed with their overall “OneStream customer experience”. That customer experience begins with a killer onboarding process..!