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Close Management – Core to the Financial Consolidation Process

Why isn’t Close Management part of the core Financial Consolidation and Reportingsystem? Why is it always a separate product or module that needs to be licensed, installed, integrated and maintained separately? Close calendars, close requirements and process monitoring all belong in the same product as Financial Consolidation and Reporting..

Close Management and Financial Consolidation and Reporting  belong in the same product and the same application. OneStream XF’s Guided Workflows, standard audit and detailed monitoring tools give corporate the visibility to manage the close process step by step. By storing the lineage of close process, consolidated results and ERP/GL transactions, OneStream XF eliminates the product disconnect that happens when this information resides in silos. We offer auditors a one stop shop to any and all of the information they need.

Solving business problems without adding technical problems! OneStream XF is driving down the cost of deploying and maintaining additional Finance solutions, collections and analysis.