‘So, what did I buy and how do we get started?’

It was before my time at OneStream. I was coming into a services scoping meeting, and after a short introduction and discussion about some of the problems they were having, the controller asked something I couldn’t get out of my head. ‘So, what did I buy and how do we get started?’ It was a genuine question. He had seen so manyproducts and solutions during the demo, he really didn’t know. What was frustrating for me was since it was with a third party, I didn’t really know either. So, we starting talking about what they saw.


I wasn’t part of the demo. I didn’t sell the software. I was there to help set it up, and help them get it running. But as we talked about each piece they thought they had, or what they saw at some point, it was clear they didn’t buy what they thought they did. And as we discussed and decided what they needed to do, all the frustration was getting directed at me.


Really it isn’t unlike when the plane is late, and people get frustrated with the person at the gate. They don’t have anything to do with the plane being late, but they get the brunt of the frustration from the people waiting. Just like them, I was hearing about what they were told and how it wasn’t right. Consultants want more than just about anything else to make their clients happy. There is nothing worse than starting a new project and the client is already upset because we have eaten into the contingency. It gives the project no room for error. So we have a tight budget now, which is stressful, and an unhappy client. It is not fun.


It wasn’t the only time. It wasn’t right. And I didn’t like it either. I like CPM software. I really do. It helps people, and can save you a lot of time and effort reporting numbers. This is not the way to treat customers.


When you buy OneStream, you get EVERYTHING. You get the data loading tool, the dashboards, the planning tool, the consolidation tool, the management reporting tool, the close manager, the excel add in – all for one cost. Even if you have no plans to do anything more than consolidation for phase 1. This benefits EVERY project. In the requirements discussions we may find an issue we can address for little cost. I now have complete flexibility in the design. I can take the design in any direction. So even though you think you don’t need a dashboards, I can show you an actor workspace from OneStream’s XF MarketPlace. You could see how that might solve problems you didn’t think were even part of the scope for this part of your project. Then I get to tell you, it’s only a couple hours to add, and won’t cost more money. So, you can add functionality WITHOUT blowing up project scope and cost! I can create the best design, without any thought to what you own or don’t own. I can think of the future for you, and what you might build next. It reduces rework for future phases. I have all the possibilities available to me to help uncover the worst pain points and make the people I’m working with really happy! And that makes me happy.

Peter Fugere

Peter Fugere is the Chief Solutions Architect Officer at OneStream Software where he develops and leads programs to help the team achieve highest possible customer satisfaction including; application design reviews, growing the services group, quality assurance check points, supporting partners and documenting best practices. He spends a majority of time working on strategic clients and developing solutions maximizing the value of our largest client’s investments in OneStream. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and a Master in Business Administration from Northeastern University, Boston Massachusetts.