‘So, what did I buy and how do we get started?’

It was before my time at OneStream. I was coming into a services scoping meeting, and after a short introduction and discussion about some of the problems they were having, the controller asked something I couldn’t get out of my head. ‘So, what did...


How many EPM experts does it take…?

OneStream saves money and time in the implementation by having just one product expert.


Close Management – Core to the Financial Consolidation Process

Why isn’t Close Management part of the core Financial Consolidation and Reportingsystem? Why is it always a separate product or module that needs to be licensed, installed, integrated and maintained separately? Close calendars, close requirements...


Unified Financial Intelligence

What is the big idea behind unification? Why is everyone talking about it and who is truly unified? Well, we at OneStream Software think we are the only ones who have truly unified Corporate Performance Management. Financial Data Quality, Financial...


Intercompany Eliminations and Communication

Why do all other solutions fail when it comes to really handling intercompany eliminations and discrepancies?

The first part is what we think of as table stakes, the ability to eliminate at the first common parent in every alternate hierarchy.  This...


Consolidation Done Right

There is a good reason that there are hundreds of budgeting and planning systems. Corporate Budgeting is simple aggregation. However, when these budgeting solutions claim that they also do financial consolidation and reporting, you really need to...


First Annual OneStream “Splash” User Conference in New Orleans – OneStream Customers and Partners Gather to Share Successes

OneStream Software held its first annual user conference September 22nd - 25th 2013. With 60 attendees, the conference was a tremendous success with Tom Shea outlining the vision of OneStream XF as a Platform for Finance and IT to deliver multiple...


Extensible Dimensionality – The Differentiator

Corporate Performance Management vendors come in two flavors: those that offer multiple products and sell them as an “integrated” solution, and those that tout a “unified” product but really require multiple applications. Oracle®/Hyperion® is a...


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