OneStream XF People Planning

OneStream XF People Planning is a pre-built specialty planning solution that can extend the value of your Corporate Performance Management platform for workforce planning. Specialty Planning solutions from OneStream use relational tables to...


I Can Do Everything in One CPM Platform? Understanding OneStream XF

If you’ve been living in the Hyperion world, you’re used to having several EPM applications that require integration. Too often, improper integration results in an environment that’s difficult or time consuming to manage, applications with...


Cornering the OneStream XF MarketPlace

We’ve already introduced you to OneStream XF and talked about how everything you need for CPM — financial consolidation and reporting; planning, budgeting, and forecasting; and account reconciliations — is available on one platform.


In Case You Haven't Heard... A Proper Introduction to OneStream

If you’ve been shopping around for an EPM solution or stay relatively informed of the goings-on in the industry, chances are you’ve heard about OneStream XF. This corporate performance management solution was created by Bob Powers, the inventor...


CPM Admins, Make Some Noise

'Master of band-aids'. If you consider that a glorious title then you could consider a career in system administration.

Is a Single Tool Still the Future of Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Software?

Today's EPM tools are cumbersome, costly and complicated As compared to just ten years ago, Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) has gotten even more complicated. Today, we have fewer vendors but numerous function specific tools are required...


Financial Aggregation vs. Straight Aggregation

Many vendors claim to handle complex consolidations, but there are several significantdifferences between the underlying engine that is needed to run financial aggregation and the engine used to run straight aggregation or simple consolidations....


Your Support Dollars at Work

Are You Receiving the Best Value for Your Support Dollars?

Support for your software does not have to be so complicated. We all understand technology needs support from the experts from time to time but nobody wants to be transferred around the...


Account Reconciliation - Reconcile What You Report with the OneStream XF MarketPlace Solution

Let’s talk about the disconnect of deploying separate products for account reconciliations and financial reporting. If you have two separate trial balance or transactional loads and mapping processes in two separate systems, who can tell you if...


If your phone upgrades within an hour, why can't your CPM solution?

Imagine you have a brand new iPhone 6S that can support a Fingerprint reader, Apple pay and the improved Siri as it runs on the latest processor technology. Unfortunately, you just can't use all of these new features because some of your apps are...

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