Building the Business Case for Hyperion Conversion to OneStream

Getting your organization to make the move from fragmented, legacy CPM application suites to more modern, unified CPM solutions can be challenging due to many forces.  This can include lack of leadership, lack of time, lack of resources, risk...


OneStream Receives Top Score for Overall Satisfaction in BPM Partners Survey

Many enterprise software vendors talk about being focused on customer success, but they often fail to deliver on that promise.  Why?  Because it’s hard.  It requires not only well-designed software, but world class training, implementation and...


MEC Global Modernizes Finance – Takes the Leap from Hyperion to OneStream

When I joined Hyperion Software in 1997, I was the Product Marketing Director for Hyperion Enterprise, which was the market-leading financial consolidation and reporting application back in the 90s.  The product was simple, did the job very...


Beyond Stagnant Legacy Systems – How to Modernize Finance Through Innovation

For modern finance functions to succeed in today’s cutthroat business environment they need to innovate, yet disappointingly few finance organizations embrace the opportunities that innovation can provide.  The consequences of remaining stagnant...


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