Lindsay Aligns CPM Processes in the Cloud with OneStream

Many organizations utilize Excel spreadsheets, email and their GL/ERP system to manage critical financial processes such as financial reporting and planning.  This approach can work up to a certain point.  But as organizations grow in size and...


Cash Flow Reporting – The Power of a Flow Dimension

There was a time when all cash flow reports were done apart from the trial balance in a tool like Excel.  The reasons were, among others, that most consolidation systems could not calculate currency translation and intercompany eliminations...


MEC Global ersetzt Hyperion mit OneStream und beendet dadurch Nachtschichten bei der Berichterstattung

Wenn Ihre Finanzkonsolidierungssoftware vom Hersteller nicht mehr unterstützt wird, instabil ist und aufgrund Ihrer begrenzten Möglichkeiten Workarounds erzwingt, ist das ein guter Hinweis darauf, dass es an der Zeit ist, für ein Upgrade auf eine...


OneStream XF 4.3 Speeds Planning, Financial Close and Reporting

While many of our customers were busy closing the year-end books, and finalizing budgets over the past few months, OneStream’s Engineering team was busy developing and putting the finishing touches on the OneStream XF 4.3 release.


The Carlyle Group Replaces Hyperion, Aligns CPM Processes with OneStream

Many organizations are held back from achieving world-class corporate performance management (CPM) processes due to reliance on spreadsheets or legacy CPM applications.  Often times, too much time and effort within the Finance function is spent...


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