Extending Performance Management Beyond Finance

Performance management processes and systems are supposed to help organizations achieve their financial goals by linking strategies to plans and execution across the enterprise. However, most performance management systems are only deployed...


Victaulic Overhauls Financial Consolidation & Reporting with OneStream XF

How do you address the following situation? You work in a global company that has outgrown its financial consolidation and reporting software. The system has been bastardized to address increasingly complex currency and intercompany requirements....


ERP and CPM – Better Together

While the terms ERP and EPM/CPM have been part of the Finance and IT nomenclature for over 15 years, there is sometimes confusion about these terms and their fit in an overall IT systems strategy. Here’s a short primer to set the record straight.


5 Tips for Surviving Annual Budgeting Season

Well, it’s the middle of 4th quarter, and many organizations are knee-deep in budgeting for 2018. How’s the budgeting process going in your organization? Is it running smoothly? Or are you held back by the limitations of spreadsheets and email or...


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